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Rapid React

This year's FRC competition is called Rapid React. Throughout the 2022 season, teams will explore the future of transportation. From the shipment of packages in rural and urban areas, to disaster relief delivery and high-tech air transit, teams will re-imagine faster, more reliable, inclusive, and sustainable transportation innovations that better connect and grow communities and economies around the world.

Click here to watch the game animation video!

Game Animation Video

The game animation video shows how the game will be played during competitions. There are animations of robots completing tasks, shooting game pieces, and an explanation of the rules.

Game Manual

Read through all of the rules and information about this year's game.

Kickoff Livestream Video

Watch the full FIRST Kickoff Livestream video. In the kickoff video they explain the game, talk with some other teams, and show how the game works both in the game animation video and in real life.

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