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Thinking About Joining Rockford Robotics?

We are a community based team made up of high school students, who design, build, and program robots for competitions.




Using the mill, lathe, drill press, and other machines, this team fabricates and assembles a competitive robot for the competition.

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This team writes the computer code that controls the robot. They spend a lot of time testing the code to ensure that there are no bugs and that it works properly every time.

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Based on the game challenge published each season, students design game specific features for the robot using OnShape, a Cloud- based CAD program. From these plans, students fabricate components for the competition robot.

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This team assembles all of the power and control systems for the robot. This includes wiring components like motors, pneumatic controls, power distribution boards, on board computers, and other components that control the robot.

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This team maintains and updates the team website and social media, takes photos during build season and at events, and creates marketing materials to promote our team.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want everyone to have fun while learning, and we hope to inform the workforce of the future about opportunities in STEM, marketing, and business.

The manufacturing, information, technology and engineering fields are in high demand all over the world. FIRST Robotics teams help students explore these fields through designing, building, programming, and competing with robots. Our goal is for students to develop the technical and professional skills that will be valuable for careers in STEM or any other field they may choose.

Our goal is to help you find something you love to do. Rockford Robotics has the resources to help each student learn about what they love.

What People Say About Rockford Robotics

The slideshow below is a compilation of feedback from students, mentors, and parents. Read them to see what people think about our team!



"This team works very hard to reach the goals the set. It is impressive what they can get done, even with a small team. Their robots are always incredible and they always strive to reach the very top."

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