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Want to Sponsor Our Team?

Sponsors and generous donations are what keep our team running. The generosity of all people and organizations who have helped our team is incredible, and we sincerely thank each and every one of our sponsors. Click the button below to visit the Sponsor Us page.

Sponsors Over the Years

Below is a list of the sponsors we have had every year since 2018.


Platinum: Arco Machinery Movers, Collins Aerospace

Gold: Woodward, United Technologies

Silver: ASQ, GE Aviation

Steel: USI Tool & Die; IEEE


Platinum: Superior Joining Technologies, Inc., Collins Aerospace, UTC Aerospace Systems

Gold: Best Buy, Woodward

Silver: ASQ, Belcan, Blackhawk Bank, GE Aviation

Steel: Estwing, IEEE

In-Kind: FMA, Pierce, USI Tool & Die


Platinum: Superior Joining Technologies, Inc., UTC Aerospace Systems

Gold: Bergstrom, Woodward

Silver: Best Buy, Rockford Systems LLC

Steel: ASQ, Estwing, IEEE, WOTM

In-Kind: FMA, GE Volunteers, NTS, Pierce, USI Tool & Die,

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