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Rockford Robotics' Past Robots

This is a list of all of the past robots Rockford Robotics has created over the years. There are photos and information about each robot. The years are ordered from the most recent (top) to the earliest (bottom).



Name: Lucky


  • Coming Soon



Name: Swervasaurus


  • Coming Soon



Name: Spud


  • Coming Soon



Name: Shredder


  • Coming Soon


RR Robot Photo 2019.jpg

Name: Appa


  • Drive train with mecanum wheels to allow forward, backward and sideways movement

  • Driver controlled during sandstorm

  • Two cameras for use during sandstorm and regular play

  • Automated controls for scoring and climbing

  • Electronic panel fitted on the lift supports to allow for easy access

  • 12 motors: four for drive train, four for stilts, two for cargo intake, one for lift, and one for rotating cargo/hatch system

  • Two intake wheels for gathering and ejecting cargo

  • Cargo and hatch manipulator mounted on an elevator lift

  • Pneumatic pistons for ejecting hatch panels

  • Lift can reach 7 feet to allow scoring on all levels of the rocket

  • Can climb on to (1 ft 7 in) third level platform on hab zone during end game

  • Stilt system that works with lift to raise robot


RR Robot Photo 2018.jpg

Name: Alorac


  • 54 inches tall, 115 pounds

  • Three subsystems: drive, lift/hang, flipper gripper (scoring mechanism)

  • Drive train has two omni wheels and two plaction wheels

  • 9 motors: 4 for drive, 2 for lift, 2 for flipper gripper, 1 for block centering

  • Pneumatic control of the flipper gripper locking system and gripping mechanism

  • Flipper gripper has four degrees of freedom enabling it to score in any direction

  • Flipper gripper photo eyes and limit switches  allow for automated block pickup and scoring

  • Flipper gripper worm gear prevents backlash

  • Lift extends to nine feet

  • Able to rapidly score and maintain possession of the scale

  • Able to scale platform and lift three robots

  • Can score using switches


RR Robot Photo 2017.jpg

Name: Zuko


  • Twenty three inches tall, 110 pounds

  • Four motor mecanum drive

  • Photo eye controlled passive gear funnel system

  • A high rpm surgical tubing intake roller

  • Magnetic winch latch system

  • Flexible cloth fuel (ball) ejection system

  • Able to transfer gears from loading station to peg

  • Able to pick up fuel from floor and score low goals

  • Able to climb and maintain contact with touchpad

  • Very cool green underglow


RR Robot Photo 2016.jpg

Name: Kat


  • a 13 x 27.5 x 32 drive train

  • 12 wheels: 4 mecanum, 8 traction

  • 11 motors: 8 drivetrain, 3 auxiliary systems

  • 4 gear boxes

  • dual purpose PTO boxes (power take off boxes) used to control drive train and lift robot in end game

  • a pneumatic compressor to shift gears and lift shooter arm

  • 19,000 RPM shooter

  • an extension arm climb system


RR Robot Photo 2015.jpg

Name: ALFIE (Articulated Lift For Intense Entertainment)


  • sixty-two inches tall, 110 pounds

  • four motor mecanum drive

  • two motor belt driven lift with a servo actuated disc breaking system

  • planetary gear motor driven opposing lead screw fork articulation

  • five photo eyes for precision lift positioning

  • can lift a stack of six totes in any orientation

  • can lift and stack a recycling container

  • able to flip totes

  • reliable lifter and feeder station


RR Robot Photo 2014.jpg

Name: Om-Nom the Devourer 


  • Drive Train

  • 25.5 x 30 in frame

  • Two omni wheels for improved maneuverability

  • Achieves speed of 17 fps

  • Simple gear boxes with double cims on each modified to work with a hex shaft

  • Catapult

  • Throwing into goal 15 feet away

  • Two mini-tough boxes with 12:1 gear ratio

  • Stationary shaft with bearing hub

  • Bent steel catapult arm

  • Pick up system

  • Rubber wedge top tread on roller

  • Driven by mini-cim with custom gears

  • Two pneumatic cylinders control the retractable frame


RR Robot Photo 2013.jpg

Name: King Cobra


  • Accurate full court 3 point shooter

  • Shooter with adjustable speed and angle

  • Pneumatic powered hatch or direct loading for manual frisbee loading

  • Software tracks number of frisbees in robot

  • Reliable floor pickup

  • 4 motor, 6 wheel drive base with 2 omni wheels and traction wheels

  • Dynamic front end

  • Camera system provides direction and range information for autonomously controlling the shooter

  • Modular electrical control system allows major components to be unplugged and quickly switched out

  • 10 point climb hooks

  • Overall: 9 motors, 3 pneumatic cylinders, 6 sensors and a camera system


RR Robot Photo 2012.jpg

Name: Air Thordan


  • Conveyor automatically senses and picks up foam basketballs from the ground

  • Indexing wheel allows us to control shooting one basket ball at a time

  • Four motor, six wheel drive gives us optimal speed, maneuverability

  • High speed dual conveyor belt system fires ball into turret

  • 360 degree turret rotation allows shooting basket from any robot orientation

  • Two motor high speed wheel in turret boosts ball and provides back spin

  • Turret hood allows robot to autonomously adjust angle that ball shoots out

  • Camera system provides direction and ranging information for autonomously controlling the turret

  • Fully modular electrical control system allows major components to be unplugged and quickly switched out

  • A pneumatic powered hammer allows us to lower a drawbridge for us to drive up it, and also helps us balance robots on the bridge.


RR Robot Photo 2011.jpg

Name: Loki


  • 6 wheel drive; dropped center

  • 4 CIM drive

  • Arm reaches 9 feet

  • Self-aligning minibot deployment system

  • Camera mounted on arm

  • Line tracking

  • Weight: 120 lbs


RR Robot Photo 2009.jpg

Name: The Hulk


  • Automated ball intake using 4 photo eye sensors for internal ball situational awareness

  • Automated goal tracking

  • Turret capable of shooting balls approximately 10 feet

  • 4 wheel drive with maximum robot and bumper weight for traction

  • Reliable empty cell delivery sensor

  • Turret position awareness and limit switches

  • 10 to 15 ball capacity for fast delivery

  • Auto mode designed for moon rock delivery

  • Maximum allowable ball entry inlet size

  • Lightweight carbon fiber composites allow for weight added to achieve even distribution to wheels

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