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Seven Rivers Day Two: Quals, Problems, & Problem Solving

Updated: Feb 5

Today was sucH AN AMAZING DAYYY! We had tons of fun throughout the entire day with our quals matches, working with other teams in alliances, working with other teams for scouting, and so much more! We are entirely pleased with how today turned out. It was a nice breather after CIR.

The pits opened early today at 8:00am instead of 8:30am. Opening ceremonies then began around 9:00am. Everyone took a break from the pits to watch and see the opening ceremonies. Following the opening ceremonies was the safety meeting. Unfortunately, both of the team's safety captains missed the meeting due to a mix up. Nobody knew where the heating was located, and there wasn't an announcement about the meeting having been moved. No matter though, our team continued to work on the robot and prep for matches.

We competed in three quals matches in the morning. Two out of those three our alliance won! We had an absolute blast this morning working alongside some super amazing teams. One thing we ended up doing during this competition is a high level of collaboration with other teams. We were sharing scouting info, competing on alliances and working with teams in order to plan the best strategies for everyone on our alliance, lending tools around, and more. Working with other teams is one of the best things to do at competitions. It's fun, you get to help some other teams out, and it's a way to get experience working collaboratively.

Some fun things we did were collect teams’ buttons, while finding the teams we competed with at CIR. You can't ever go to a robotics competition and not grab some team swag. It's impossible, there's too many cool little things. We found regular buttons, big buttons, tiny buttons, lanyards, crayons, pride FIRST pins, wood burning pins, handmade keychains, and more awesome stuff. Our bags are heavy being so full of swag, but we're really not mad about it.

We have been enjoying being in a higher rank compared to what rank we were in Peoria. Though this competition has brought some stress and anxiety to us, we have been able to stay high up in the rankings today. Our team is incredible; the drive team, media team, build/repair team, parents and mentors. Hooray for us!

Our fifth match out of eight was a little frustrating. Our alliance won by 20 points and we were ranked fifth after the total was counted out. Although, after some deliberations between refs, we ended up losing 10 points off of our alliance's original 59, and we lost a couple ranking points leaving us ranked ninth. Our alliance still won, so it was not a huge problem for our team and alliance teams. It was just a slightly disappointing part of the day.

By the time we competed in our sixth qualification match of the day, our wins were double our losses. With four wins and two losses, we are on our way to bigger and better things! There are a lot of questions left to be answered tomorrow when it comes to alliance picking for finals, what we will be ranking at that point, and how we will strategize for future matches at this competition.

Now comes the end of day two at the Seven Rivers Regional. After the last match today, we are not ranked at fifth out of 46 teams. We had minor problems with some chains and bearings, a couple disappointments when it came to fouls, and a couple lost matches. Overall, today was an absolutely awesome day.

Back at the hotel we discussed alliances for the alliance choosing that will happen on Saturday. Since we are in the top right as of right now, we could have the chance to pick our alliance teams for the finals. Our team is grateful, excited, and nervous about tomorrow!



First quals: 69-50, rank 9, win

Second: 98-67, rank 5, win

Third: 98-56, rank 8, loss


Fourth: 59-64, rank 7, win

Fifth: 49-39, rank 9, win

Sixth: 36-54, rank 12, loss

Seventh: 53-95, rank 8, win

Eighth: 82-74, rank 4, win

End Rank: 5

Win/Loss - 6/2


Thank you to our sponsors, mentors, family and friends for helping us get so far in this amazing competition. You're all the best! We ended ranked fifth out of 46 teams, our alliances won six out of eight of our matches, and we are stoked to see what will come for our team tomorrow!


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Marketing & Media sub-team

Rockford Robotics 2039



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