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CIR Day Two: The Quals

We will start this off by saying that today was both exciting and super stressful. If you don't know, "quals" refers to the "qualifying rounds" of competition. We competed in several quals today! It was exciting and scary since we had some mechanical issues with Spud, our robot.


Some more mechanical and electrical issues sprung up with our robot, Spud. It was definitely off putting since we had so much more to come from this competition. Our second to last match was incredible! Our drive team scored seven cargo into the upper hub! During this match both alliances were tied at 56 points, this was before adding the points that applied to each hangar climb. Once the hangar points were added the other alliance had won the match. Our alliance did end up losing, but that doesn't take away from how cool it really was.


We competed a ton, all day. It was both mentally and physically exhausting, especially since we are a team of…six. We had most of the team in the pit working on and repairing the robot, while the other part was preparing in the stands to take photos and videos, and to try our best to cheer everyone on. Since we’re small, it was hard to cheer loud enough for our drive team to hear us.


For half of our team, it’s the first time competing in an FRC competition. We think it’s safe to say that it was definitely an interesting experience. For me, the one who is writing this blog, I’m sure it was an easier first competition since only team members with a pin were able to have access to the pits and spectators weren’t allowed.


We are looking forward to tomorrow! There will be some quals in the morning and finals later in the afternoon and evening. Hopefully Spud can hold on a little longer so that we can perform well for any matches we play in the near future. We sincerely thank everyone (friends, family supporters, sponsors) for rooting us on and being with us this competition season. Your support means so much, and we are truly grateful.


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