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Week Five, Build Season 2022: Everything is Coming Together

Once again, this week was a busy one! We had tons of fun building parts of this year's robot, assembling electrical components of the robot, working on website and media things, and programming last year’s robot for practice. It’s getting closer to competitions, and we are making really good progress on building the robot!


The programming sub-team made really amazing progress on programming last year’s competition robot. They were able to add some cool new things to the robot. During one meeting night they were able to get the robot to autonomously shoot 3 cargo into a bucket they were using to score in.

Our marketing sub-team has been advertising our team and posting updates about what we have been doing throughout the weeks. They finalized one of our sponsor presentation slideshows, made even more progress on the website, made some TikToks, created posts for other social media platforms, finalized the brochure design, began posting videos on our team's YouTube channel, and finished this year’s competition shirt design. They also took it upon themselves to decorate the whiteboard. Click here to find us on social media!


One of the students on the build sub-team has been fabricating parts of the robot at home. They have made incredible progress on the last few parts of the robot. We are excited to see what it looks like all put together!

The electrical sub-team has made more progress on the electrical board. They’ve designed it so that it will pop out from under the robot easily by taking out a few screws for easy access during competitions. So in case anything needs repairs, they can slide out the control board, and repair it in our pit.

We began coming up with names for the robot. With help from assorted website articles, and general brainstorming, a couple of our students came up with nearly 30 potential names for the robot.

Our top favorite names are:

  • Spud (7 team votes)

  • Ankle Biter (5 votes)

  • Bolt (5)

  • Sully (3)

  • Taco (3)

  • Rob Ott (2)

  • Material Gorl <3 (2)

  • Pickle (2)


All in all, we got a ton of stuff done this week again. It’s been crazy, but we love that for us. We are looking forward to next week because it’s almost the end of the build season, but that is also one of the biggest things stressing us out right now. We have limited time to finish the robot, but we are confident that we can get everything done in time for our competitions in March and April.


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Marketing & Media sub-team

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