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Week Three, Build Season 2022: Beginning the Robot Build

This week was when things really started picking up. Each sub-team was able to get so much done this week, it’s actually incredible!


One of the students in the Marketing sub-team started a new project this week: making an updated sponsor slide presentation! One thing we will say in this blog is that we really appreciate the hard work this student put into the presentation (you know who you are ;). The presentation now has all of the updated information necessary for presenting to potential sponsors this year, as well as updated photos of the team. They are also making progress on the new website! Several pages of the website have been edited so that they are much closer to being ready to publish. If you visit a page that isn’t finished yet, you’ll see a message that says “Sorry… This page is currently under construction.”

The build team began fabricating custom parts for this year’s robot. Younger students were working with older, more experienced students to learn how to fabricate those parts. They have constructed the robot sub-frame which holds the control board the electrical sub-team made. It seems like everyone is enjoying learning how to fabricate parts.

Our team’s adult mentors build the Hub, which is a part of the game field. The team set it up and practiced shooting game pieces from the listed length away from the hub. Some of the team members are working on getting last year’s programming to a point where they can practice shooting at the hub with the robot.


Check out our new GoFundMe campaign! We have been struggling to get the funds necessary to build this year’s competition robot, so we are looking for a bit of help. Our goal is to raise $5,000 so that our robot can have all of the awesome features and mechanisms it needs. Thank you to all of the amazing people who have donated so far. Your support means so much!


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Marketing & Media sub-team

Rockford Robotics 2039

(1/31/22 - 2/5/22)


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