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Week Two, Build Season 2022: Designing and Prototyping

With a new week, comes new challenges for the team. Everyone has been working hard to get everything done. They are reaching goals and achieving goals in record speed!


The Build sub-team began ordering parts based on the designs from week one. They counted the parts we already have in the shop. We also were able to order those in time to get them next week. The Electrical Team is working on assembling the control board for this year’s robot. The control board has been designed as one simple to remove panel for easy access at competitions in case it needs maintenance.

The Marketing sub-team made more progress on the new Rockford Robotics website this week. It has been slowly building up in these first two weeks, but they are having fun with it! The goal is to get it published as soon as possible, even though it will be challenging since the website is being built basically from the ground up. They have also been working on designing a new brochure, social media posts, and an information card.

Our Programming sub-team has been learning how to program by practicing on last year’s competition robot.


Check out our new GoFundMe campaign! We have been struggling to get the funds necessary to build this year’s competition robot, so we are looking for a bit of help. Our goal is to raise $5,000 so that our robot can have all of the awesome features and mechanisms we want it to. Thank you to all of the amazing people who have donated so far. Your support means so much!


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Marketing & Media sub-team

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