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Week Four, Build Season 2022: Website Design, Robot Build & Contacting Sponsors

This week was hectic in so many different ways. We are now on our way to being prepared for our competitions in March and April! Each of our sub-teams had their trials and tribulations, but they are all awesome and found ways to work through the hardships despite how hard it really was for them.


The Build sub-team has constructed the frame of this year’s competition robot, which holds the control board that the electrical team put together. They’ve been having tons of fun working on the robot and learning how to use the mill, drill press, and bandsaw to build parts.

The Marketing sub-team has made a new, updated brochure for the team! The brochure now has updated information about Rockford Robotics and who we are. There are updated sponsors, a rewritten mission statement, a short about section, as well as updated photos. It lists all of the team’s social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. One of our students is doing an awesome job with editing videos for TikTok and YouTube! We are so grateful to have the opportunity to share videos like that to the world. This sub-team has also made more progress on the new website. This "new website" is the one you’re literally reading this blog post on right now! It’s cool, right?

The programming sub-team worked with mentors to program last year’s competition robot for practice. They have been taking it out to where one of the Hubs was built to practice shooting game pieces into the Upper Hub for competition.

The Electrical sub-team finished the control board for the robot. They completed the construction of the main parts of the electrical board. At one point they had to change up the way the battery cables were attached so that they could fix and connect them the way the wanted to. The little details really counted on this piece, it only takes 10 screws to remove the board from the bottom of the robot! This will result in easy access for repairs or tweaks at our upcoming competitions.


That pretty much sums up this week for our team! We are super excited for competitions for so, so many different reasons. Our whole team is super proud of everything we've been able to accomplish so far throughout this year's build season. We hope to see you there!


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Marketing & Media sub-team

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